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Finished video, from backstage at fashion weekend…check out my new video fashion video blog


What does it feel like when your dancing?

A video inspired by a section of audio from the film Billy elliot.  I have reworked this a few times.


Flying paper lanterns…not as easy as you think : )



The sandwich video

The  video from the sandwich making day. Edited and now online, the sandwich campaign begins 🙂

We created a blog, a flickr, facebook fan page, youtube and twitter and we even have our own email address for the campaign.

The social network campaign- The brief was to do a mail art project, following the structure of mail art; an announcement which is designed and distributed, of which people respond to.  Social networking has become a pivotal tool for advertisers, using facebook to get fans and “likes” and followers.  Personally I have not been much of a social networker myself, I have a facebook account which I rarely use.  Though this project has enabled me to explore the range of ways to communicate.

my passion is… leggings

I decided my passion was leggings, because I just can’t get enough of them. The bolder and brighter the pattern the better. I made a short film all about my leggings and did this with close up shots of the leggings, to show the importance of the leggings and to not become distracted by the model. I had fun making this film, because I just did whatever I wanted to

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